Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Screw All of Yo' Mamma's Holes

This is definitely one of our better submissions from a follower. Thank you ever so much for this. Definitely made our day.


Date: Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 4:07 AM
Subject: Serious Business!

Hello Mister

You may be wondering why I am emailing you, well, let me explain:

I am part of a cult. Not a normal cult, but a cult. My name is

Owlfudger Moonbeam and my cult leader's name is Bov. This

Saturday, at 11:00pm, my group and I will gather in the woods.

We will strip naked, gather into a circle and perform a ritual.

However, we need you for us to complete the ritual. We must

cut off your nipples and feed them to the bunny rabbits, then we

have to feed your ejaculation to the frog spawn by throwing you

into a massive orgy with all of our mothers. Then we have to cut all

of your hair (From your head) and throw it into the blazing fire. Then

we eat your clothes. Then you go home.

This is to free the wood from pollution and to prevent man cutting down

the trees and destroying little squirrels'/birds's/etc homes.

If you do not come, then we will screw all of yo' mamma's holes.

Yes: ears, mouth, nostrils, genitalia and asshole.

- Owlfudger Moonbeam

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