Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I love fan mail. The best part about receiving this was that I received two copies.

One at 1:13am with the subject: Hello to Everyone, Regards from Spain from a Fan Page!


From: Diego
Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2011 1:15 AM
To: ME

To , with love and respect, of Doc McCoy (Diego). Sorry for the poor translation of my letter, I´m not very well at English.

Hello , do not be very well how to explain this, down below you have an article that I have written in a diary that I publish by Internet dedicated to you (you are our inspiration). I hope that you like, so ado bilges I leave you with him, ultimately you will find my personal information and my directions for if you wanted to communicate with me. This blog is dedicated to your person, treats on cinema, jokes, and histories on the family that we it form. Doc McCoy's kisses.

-¿Why “The Girlfriend”?-

Hello to all, I am Doc. They are little more of the four of the dawn in Spain just now. I cannot sleep like whenever I sit must do something that costs a sorrow. It happened to me that still Neither Dean nor I itself have explained to you, why decide to call to our small space The Girlfriend. Well, so for the one that has not guessed it still it is due to the captivation and inspiration of miss of the photo that I have left you more above.

Already I can imagine what you will think that already you know her, and it does not like me, to take it from you of the head. I am not any saint, believe that all that you know me you know it, but with the women it is different. When I see a woman I him do not look at the chests, " the teats ", as say all the males, often for getting inside the "normality" that many of them really do not feel like his.

I am not criticizing anybody, it seems to me of the most normal and natural thing to say it, only that I am not in the habit of doing it. I am not going to give precise explanations of my behavior, because since also you will know am not in the habit of giving them when I am thinking about being doing the correct thing, thing that in opposition to the popular and widespread belief, does not limit itself only to my own motives or desires. In end, yes, already I go anxious...

She is the actress , and is the girlfriend of the blog. So much Dean since me we stay captivated of her after seeing Her film. I believe that to every man independently of his definite sexuality the same thing will happen to him. Now I do not like to speak about the movie, because I believe the truth that the opened credit this blog with this name already must wake sufficient interest up in you for wanting to see her.

I do not know the majority of the details of the movie on the other hand, and sincerely, prefer that it continues being like that, at least for me. Most of the men always we have preferred the mystery in spite of wanting to know more. We like to be and to remain anxious almost the whole life.

So that, it would be tremendously unbalanced, considering that at least in 80 % of my psyche I am a convinced and authentic heterosexual, if he was saying that I do not turn madman whenever I see . She is a sexy, nice, agreeable, very educated girl provided with an enormous and wild voluptuousness. The form of his body resembles that of the pale and beautiful odalisque who without having being molded by any Greek sculptor of renown, turns out to be equally divine, up to the point of which any man would want to smell the perfume of his body for point, to plait his hair or to kiss his beautiful bosoms crowned by these small and blushed wafers of which there suck the babies of his mothers on having been born.

Always I have liked the girls of long and chestnut-colored hair, lightly blond, but not the blond current one, rather one of these blond ashen ones that do not seem to be blond. Thin, slender, of not too broad hips and these dun eyes that remove the hiccup. At least this way it was even it does little, when I passed to another decree. God will know why, the men like almost all the women to the first glance.

Nevertheless, on having seen I continue feeling something for this type of women, for this physical appearance, saying is of step that I have never seen in any place not acquaintance presents that he guards the most minimal seemed with , and I refer so much in character as physicist.

Probably be for his captivation, his way of moving, the stamp of his voice or of what way smiles, his elegant words, and this gesture, this pose endemic of her itself, which encloses an almost extinguished crux, raised by half in this autism provoked by a latent melancholy that nobody seems to perceive, that he moves backward his eyes in a seemingly chaotic, desperate, slightly transparent and perfectly nostalgic condition.

In occasions I have daydreamed in spite of knowing her, and to say to him everything through what I have lived, everything what I have suffered, as all. He would say to him that only it might guarantee a thing: that would never insult her would not even stick, that would never separate of her when I needed, and that would never happen to myself to force her to do something that she did not want. I think, sometimes ... that I say to him that the sex does not matter for me, though it would lie because yes it matters for me. Though I can live without him, I have not considered it to be anything indispensably in the relation of friendship between a man and a woman, but certainly either, help it is undeniable.

You to be sincere, before never seeing the movie it had fixed in except for the mere fruit of the chance during a brief circumstantial alleviation his Internet route. And still I remember that evening of summer in which I saw for the first time his movie. I ran to warning Dean practically demanding from him that it saw her in all that it him was possible. Since then is one of my more secret weaknesses movie fans, though probably it stops remaining secret in my memory from the same moment.

Not, seriously, really, I think that everyone waits for years for his opportunity to demonstrate the one who is really and what it costs in the life. What is capable of doing, of thinking, of feeling, still treating itself about the only instant in his short life. I believe that achieved it with Her film, and believe that thanks to his work today we are here.

Personally I would like very much that it was following his career for this way, though it does not also worry me too much if she is happy and feels realized. Anyhow here always it will be received well, and for us, so much for Dean as for me, always she will be the girlfriend.

The certain thing is that there becomes I a bit strange. I have read that your authentic name is Marina. Do not be if it be be true, but it has been called me the attention. I knew a woman who was calling like you, she was the first woman of my life, but I do not want to bore you, actually we did not have great thing that to say to us. In end, I will speak to you a bit about me because it does not seem to me to be just to find so much information about you in the net when you do not know anything of me.

My real name is Diego, my family has lived always in Spain, though nowadays I live in Valencia, placed in the eastern part in the map of our country. I was born practically blind in the bosom of a family come to less, but it is another history. It was not up to 15 years when finally I could see with total clarity without a few lenses. Always I was thick, but from this day something changed, measuring something more about 1.70 for then, I managed to weigh less than 55 Kg. With the time I was gaining something of weight, and spent 21 years I began to gain something of belly, though without coming to my old times.

I graduated at the age of fifteen more or less, and then I began the university, was a couple of years in the faculty of philosophy, but that one did not convince me, I devoted myself to write that it was what always had filled, close to the cinema. At present I am in my second year of audio-visual Communication, have 22 years that I fulfilled it does little, on January 3. I am fond of the cinema, of the writing and of the books, my teachers were Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Charles Bukowski, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams and different some. My works sell in Internet under my real name in Spanish language. Probably some day want to read someone, with taste he you would send it to your direction for fans if you were wishing it.

Of that I am prouder it is Notas de un fuerte vecino, the first diary that I published. Up to today I have finished 13 manuscripts, but only I have published 4 by the lack of interest, I am not interested in the reputation, since you will be able to verify I do not do anything to myself of advertising when it might make it, except regarding the blog, but yes know interesting persons, be famous or not, to them they are to that I dedicate my work, and my life. I assure you that I am not interested for anyone, especially if it is a question of a woman, because of all those that I have known scarcely it might count 5 who indeed made me feel something good.

With the blog I have managed to publish articles newly written in the last months, but slightly worn out, though yours was an exception. Finally I have given the step, in The Girlfriend you will be finding all kinds of information about the persons that I know and on me itself. I hope that you visit us occasionally. Do not worry, all the participants we use pseudonymous and in your case we would like exactly the same thing, you can trust in me. I do not want to make you lose any more the time, basically because everything all that you have read in the previous article I am I and my sincere opinion about you, yes, I know that it is difficult to believe this coming from a stranger and more than one man, but this way it is, also I know of good ink how they are the men in these things.

I am not in the habit of lying, and hope that your impression is not this. I do not seek for anything really, only to verify if I connect with you and you are since I have imagined. Probably I am wrong, but you me turn out to be very familiar and seem to me to be very intelligent. I have seen that it does little you published a book, I am impatient because ends of March come to be able to buy it. If you receive this letter, I hope that at least, though you do not answer it, it makes you happy. This it is my only aim. Thank you.

Probably this note comes a little late, and try to contact you for facebook, I have created a false account only to promote the blog between the persons in that I am interested. Kisses from Doc/Diego.

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